A thousand words

Oct 23, 2017new work, thoughts0 comments

Ever heard the expression “you look but do not see”? This got me thinking about what we see when we look at a painting. If you asked a dozen people to look at the same painting would they all see the same thing? Naturally they’d all be looking at the same picture but i think they’d all see something different. Take the picture below, simple enough on the surface, an old men reading to a young boy but what lies beneath? Do you see your grandad and remember how he used to read to you? Or maybe a kindly old uncle from your youth? Maybe it reminds you of story time with your grandson or nephew?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, if that’s true then I still owe this picture a few more words.
The same image, like smells or sounds, can evoke a different response or reaction in people. So what do you see? I see a grandpa reading to his grandchild and the joy that brings them both. Maybe it’s s reflection on society that only grandparents now have time to read to the next generation. Maybe you see your childhood, remembering fondly a time past and a beloved grandparent or relative who has long since departed this world of ours but still lives fondly in your heart. Or maybe you’re the reader and you think of the hours of joy you had reading to your son or daughter or whoever, maybe you still do and it reminds you of joyous times still to come, pages yet to be read and smiles and sticky fingers and inquisitive little minds. And what if a child looks at it, does he see a familiar scene or maybe they never had the pleasure? Or maybe it might inspire someone to read or to paint or to get more involved in someone’s life. And i think that’s what a picture like this does, not only visually pleasing but also thought provoking.

Every painting tells a different story, it just depends on who’s listening? Now what do you see…..?



Gerry n Joe

‘Gerry n Joe’
acrylic on canvas

2017 art painting watercolor beach ballymoney by Kate Kos - Forever Young

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