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St Patrick’s Day

I’ve been in Ireland now 13 years and each year I’m still amazed at the excitement and atmosphere on st “paddys” day, this year even more so as it’s on a Friday so we have a long weekend thrown in as well!!! So in the spirit of the day Happy st Patrick’s day or sona Lá Fhéile Pádraig. I was just thinking this morning we can say happy st Patrick’s day in many languages but following on from my last blog I thought I’d say it in the language I’m most fluent and here it is , I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it and have a good and safe weekend!

Shamrock by Kate Kos

Color Green

It got me thinking about the color green and i thought I’d share my thoughts on same with you. I don’t buy the ready made green color in tubes but mix it from blues and yellows. That way I find I have more control and can get a lot more shades of green. I have lots of yellow and blue pigments and mixed together they make many and different greens. In the painting below I needed a fresh and crisp color so to achieve that I mixed two transparent pigments – New Gamboge (transparent yellow) and Windsor Blue(Green Shade) (for transparent blue). At the latter stages of this painting when I needed to darken some areas I mixed in opaque red. Opaque or semi opaque colors make more earthy greens, more muted. Below there’s a few photos I took when painting so you can see how I got on.




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