Studio Move

Dec 12, 2018news5 comments

Gaura watercolor by Kate Kos
Gaura watercolor by Kate Kos
Gaura watercolor by Kate Kos

Studio Move

It’s 4 years since I decided to become a full time artist. At the time I needed to revamp my website and also design a logo. I went with Kate Kos Studio as I thought at the time that I’d soon be moving out of my spare bedroom to a brand new studio somewhere in town. Besides painting I was also designing websites and creating digital illustrations, so I thought the name with studio would be the most suited for everything I was offering.

Sadly as with a lot of great plans things didn’t exactly go my way. Stuff happens, life happens, but albeit longer than initially planned its time to move!

Believe me it wasn’t an easy decision, in principal it was an obvious move but not an easy one. I had to weigh up all the pros and cons, practical ones and emotional ones.

The logistics of moving in are pretty easy, find a place, pack up stuff from home and bring to a new location. Emotionally that’s a whole different story, lots of excitement and a little bit of fear. Excitement I can handle but the fear is a little harder. What if I fail? and if I do and after some time I have to move back home? Back to my spare room? Will I be able to take a failure emotionally? And this is where the fear is loudest. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. And fear or no fear I had to get brave and just do it!

Succeed or Survive!

So I found a place. It is a wonderful space in the busy town of Gorey. There are two rooms, one I’m going to use for working and creating art and the other one for displaying my paintings. I am already in the new studio Monday – Saturday 10.30am – 5.30pm and the official opening is on Friday 14th, at 6pm.

So here’s to the future!


2017 art painting watercolor beach ballymoney by Kate Kos - Forever Young

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