Art In The Open 2018 and Bronze Award

Aug 30, 2018exhibition, news2 comments

AITO 2018

Art in The Open is definitely one of the highlights of my art year.
I seriously love this festival, and always look forward to when it starts. It’s great for so many reasons but for me one of the best parts is the people. Old faces and new ones alike, it’s always nice to meet art lovers and artists from all walks of life, some old friends and some I didn’t know about before.

As a total newbie in the art world myself (I am self thought) it is one way of immersing myself into this culture.

Anyway this year I decided not to over do it on the painting front, and made the decision to only do one painting per day. As I am a quick painter, this meant that I got to have long chats and a proper look around the places we were painting. And I have to say it really worked for me. As I was walking around and talking to the other artists I ended up being more relaxed and contented and I think this showed in my paintings of the week!! Even though we weren’t blessed with great weather, especially considering the glorious summer we had up until then, it was ether raining or extremely windy and on some days a mixture of the two, I felt very positive and could always find interesting subjects with ease.

Bronze Award

The icing on the cake was definitely the Bronze price awarded to me by Dealer Rowney, even though I actually missed the award ceremony in Greenacres, Wexford, being only downstairs! In my defense there was such an array of magnificent paintings it didn’t cross my mind that I might win something!

Ah well, I should believe in myself more and from now on I’ll be rooting for myself!

Shine on!


‘Purple and Gold’
watercolor 54x43cm/ half sheet

‘A Cow’s Life’
watercolor 54x43cm/ half sheet

‘Silence is Green’
Huntington Castle
watercolor 54x43cm/ half sheet

Artramon House
watercolor 54x43cm/ half sheet

‘Old Friends’
Rosslare Safe
watercolor 54x43cm/ half sheet

‘A Bridge in Bunclody’
watercolor 54x43cm/ half sheet

‘The Cape Bar’
acrylic 40cm x 40cm

My photos from the festival:

2017 art painting watercolor beach ballymoney by Kate Kos - Forever Young

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