Dublin Plein Air Painting Festival 2018

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A week of joy!

It’s about two weeks now since Dublin Plein Air Painting Festival ended but this is the first real chance I’ve had to sit down and gather my thoughts. It would be so easy just to say it was a fun week and well done to all involved but that’d be like saying to Picasso “Well done, keep up the doodling”!

It was just so well run and had such a great buzz about it that it still makes me smile thinking back about it. Yes we were so lucky with the weather but even if it was bucketing down I reckon it wouldn’t have dampened or spirits, no pun intended. It kicked off on the Monday in Skerries, so beautiful, so picturesque, just a great place to paint. And it was such a treat to see the organisers had laid on a beautiful spread for us for lunch. Whilst I’m not adverse to a good meal it was the social end of it, meeting and mingling with fellow artists, so much better than sitting in the car with a soggy tomato sandwich!! And that set the tone for the week.

Every day was a new adventure in painting with each day and each location offering up a different and fresh challenge. Malahide castle on Wednesday was stunning and a particular favourite of mine. Other highlights included winning a second on the Friday in Howth. Also this year I have to mention my first workshop! Yes, yours truly teaching fellow artists the finer points of watercolour!! While very nervous I soon found my rhythm and think/ hope all enjoyed and maybe learned something. I did get burnt that day but I can’t really blame that on the organisers.

A big shout out to the lovely Liz who put me up for a night, much appreciated and completely in the spirit of friendship and fellowship of this event. Not much more to say really except I thoroughly enjoyed it and heartily recommend to anyone who ever picked up a brush. Whether for one day or the full week, go, join, paint, have fun, make friends, repeat.


‘Bare Bottoms’
watercolor 54x43cm/ half sheet

‘Skerries Ferries’
watercolor 54x43cm/ half sheet

‘Water Lilies’
Malahide Castle and Gardens
watercolor 54x43cm/ half sheet

‘The Lonely Buoy’
Balscadden Bay Beach
watercolor 54x43cm/ half sheet

‘Howth Harbour’
acrylic 45x55cm

‘Secret Garden’
Malahide Castle and Gardens
watercolor 54x43cm/ half sheet

‘Rush Harbour’
watercolor 54x43cm/ half sheet

My photos from the festival:

Photos from the festival facebook page:

photos by Ray Watts


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