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Dungarvan trip

May 20, 2023new work, news0 comments

Now, if you’ve been following my journey, you know that I absolutely love exploring county Waterford. The thing is, I tend to get travel sickness, which means I have to plan my trips carefully to allow for enough time to recover. Waterford happens to be at the perfect distance for me to enjoy a getaway without the post-travel blues.


This time around, I decided to stay in the charming town of Dungarvan. I woke up early one morning and headed out to capture the breathtaking light dancing on the river and the boats in the distance. It was a truly magical experience, and I managed to create some paintings that I’m excited to share with you.

Helvick Head

Next, I embarked on a day trip to Helvick Head. This place holds a special place in my heart, and I always make it a point to visit whenever I’m in Dungarvan. The harbor there is simply stunning, and throughout the day, I painted two magnificent pieces featuring the boats in all their glory. I also took plenty of photographs for future painting inspiration!


One of my followers suggested that I explore Ardmore, another picturesque location in the area. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t exactly on my side that day. Just as I set up my easel to paint, it started pouring rain. After few attemps of hiding in the car and then setting up again I decided to finish that particular piece in the comfort of my studio!

The rest of my time in Waterford was spent leisurely strolling around, immersing myself in the beauty of the surroundings. It was a much-needed break from painting and work, allowing me to recharge and appreciate the simple pleasures of nature.

Passage East

On the way back home, I stopped in Passage East, a truly picturesque village. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking, and I found myself irresistibly drawn to capturing its beauty. I spent some time there, immersed in the vibrant colors, charming houses, and reflections in the water. The fishing boats added a touch of authenticity to the scene, while the hill crowned by a beautiful church on top added a sense of serenity. It wasn’t my first time painting this view, and I can confidently say it won’t be the last. There’s something captivating about this place that continues to inspire me.

I hope these paintings transport you to the serene landscapes of Waterford and bring a sense of joy and inspiration to your day.


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