Gaura and a lovely day

Mar 9, 2017news0 comments

Gaura watercolor by Kate Kos
Gaura detail 1

International Women’s Day

Yesterday was an International Women’s Day and for that occasion I have planed to paint and post a photo of a new floral painting. What better to share on that day then a painting of very delicate and feminine flowers. I had started painting it in the morning and supposed to finish early afternoon when the first watercolor wash has dried. It happened to be first lovely sunny day in a very long time too so my love for open spaces had won and I ended up walking in the woods and then watching my daughter learning stone skipping at the beach for the whole afternoon and evening. I took few photographs with my phone, as a reference for future paintings, observed the water and reflections, shadows and movement of people and dogs.

I didn’t take my sketchbook with me and I haven’t regretted it. Sometimes it is nice just let the time pass and be in a silent moment. I am so lucky to live so close to the sea, in such a beautiful country.

Below mentioned painting, finished today!

Gaura watercolor


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