‘With Love’ time-lapse video

Mar 1, 2017work in progress0 comments

Time lapse video (2 min) showing creation of ‘With Love’ watercolor painting. What better way to extend the life of your valentine’s bouquet then painting it?

“Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.”

Zig Ziglar

This great quote by Zig Ziglar explains why I painted this bouquet twice. And why I paint the same subject repetitively. There is nothing better than a bit of practice to get that confidence. To make your brushstrokes bold and to try different colour combinations.

First I have made a red pen drawing and even though I liked it I decided it needs colour. The next day I painted it with watercolours and then started again and created another painting without any sketching. I have managed to record most of it and compose it into 2 min time-lapse video. See both finished paintings below. Hope you like it!



With Love I

‘With Love I’ – watercolor with red ink pen, 57 x 42 cm

With Love II

‘With Love II’ – watercolor 57 x42 cm