Mum’s Garden

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Painting Roses

I decided to name this new painting ‘Mum’s Garden’ . I didn’t have any recent pictures of her garden and my memories of our garden from my childhood is of vegetables and fruits rather than flowers. Different days friends. Anyway I used multiple reference photos found on the internet to come up with this one and hope I done her proud.
At the beginning my mum wasn’t so supportive about me being an artist, like all mums she worried about my future and having a “proper” job but then she visited me in Ireland for a couple of weeks and I don’t know whether she saw talent or my enthusiasm or just that mum love to help her child follow a dream but she really warmed to the idea. She done everything so I would have time to paint. She would wake me up at 4 am so I would be able to paint something before work ( I was working full time then) and when I came back, she had dinner ready so I could just focus on improving my technique rather then sitting in the kitchen peeling spuds.

During this happy time she once asked me why I never paint roses. I knew roses were her favorites, but for me they used to symbolize old fashioned gardens so I was never attracted to them.
Sadly mum passed away nearly 3 years ago so never saw the brave new me who decided to take the final step and call myself an artist, who took a leap and decided to paint full time. Now when I paint roses I think about conversations we had while I was painting and now instead of old fashioned gardens I think of mum and hope that I’ve made her proud and that my success is her success because without her holding my hand at the beginning I surely wouldn’t be here now.
I know she would have loved this one so this is for you mum, miss you every day.

Pink roses, black background, maybe a fence missing ( she loved wooden ones).


Gaura watercolor


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