Painting seascape – time-lapse video

Mar 27, 2018tips, work in progress0 comments

Watercolour seascape – time lapse video


I’ve been experimenting with video recording for some time now and it is still away from where I want it to be.
I think the issue is that to record it with good quality I need to be painting while sitting down, and I prefer standing, at least lately.

But I’m posting this so some of you can learn something hopefully.
This time-lapse video follows the process of seascape watercolour painting.
I started with pencil sketch using 2B pencil and then moved on to apply colour. I painted the people first so they would stand out more and to make sure I won’t paint over them when applying wash for the sand. After painting the sky and sand, most of the work is done, and I can enjoy adding details to all parts of the painting making sure to keep it light and balancing the colours. I was working from 2 photographs here which were taken in the summer on Ballymoney beach – my favourite spot. So this lovely bright painting is decorating my studio now reminding me of summer days!

Hope you like it!


‘The Big Hat’
watercolor 57x34cm


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