Pink Candy Wrappers

Jul 28, 2017new work, thoughts0 comments

Pink Candy Wrappers

They say every cloud has a silver lining, for me the dark clouds and rain means time to catch up on correspondence. For this whole day of miserable weather I was working on catching up on social media, emails, pricing commissions and wrapping a few paintings. It was taking me a bit longer than usual and as the dreary day went on I started getting a bit anxious that I wouldn’t get a chance to paint at all today.

But eventually the skies cleared and beautiful light shone through the window and onto my easel. I love the late afternoon light in my studio, so warm and directly where I need it! So I decided to quickly finish a floral painting that I had started around 2 months ago. I couldn’t put my hand to the original reference photo I was using before, it has been two months but I thought nil desperandum and I finished it from imagination.

The result – a sweet mess! Lots of pink and turquoise and purple. I am calling it Pink Candy Wrappers. Sweet right? :)

Have a nice weekend!



Pink Candy Wrappers

‘Pink Candy Wrappers’
watercolor 34x54cm/ half sheet


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