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Aug 3, 2019thoughts0 comments

Social Media

I just found out today that over 400 hours of video content is added to YouTube every minute. That’s over half a million hours per day. And that’s just YouTube , imagine what’s uploaded on Facebook , Instagram etc!? Too much for any one person to look at in a lifetime, but these platforms are clever and they moderate and tailor the content to make sure you guys only see what they think you’ll enjoy and as a result keep you on their app as long as possible. Basically they don’t want you to be bored so they give you what you like. And how do they know what you like? By your reaction. If you share, comment and like a post Facebook knows that you find it interesting and will show it to more like minded people.

And why am I talking about it? Am I launching my own app? No! But it’s thanks to your reactions that my paintings are seen by more and more people. And at the end of the day this is the aim. Art for me is a form of communicating and it works better when it spreads.

I also know that if my painting will stop you scrolling that it is a good one. It means it will also make you stop if you see it on the wall. And that means I’m communicating with you. My message is received and if you like and share, my message is shared and for that I’m grateful.


'Skerries evening'

watercolor 53x34cm

2017 art painting watercolor beach ballymoney by Kate Kos - Forever Young

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