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I got a request recently from one of my followers to borrow my painting home and to sort of ‘try it on’ and see if it would look good in their living room. I did agree as the painting in question was already framed. It made me think about how difficult it is to imagine the painting you want to buy in your own living room. For myself and other artists this is very easy. First of all we had painted it, we probably have seen it framed, we have seen many times how this or other paintings look on gallery walls. In addition some buyers will send a photo to show how their recent purchase hangs proudly in their home, which make me see how it sits in different environments. I know what size it is, and where it would look nice, what kind of frame sets it nicely and which kind of frames to avoid.

Here you can see couple of examples of my new watercolor ‘Ladies in Pink’ on walls in different spaces. I have used images from web search.


So to make it a bit easier for future art buyers I will let you know the easiest way to imagine the painting on your wall. Here areย few steps to follow:

  1. First take a photo of your living room, or other room or wall which you want to fill with painting

    Better photos are that are taken from the distance and that you get a nice overall view of the room.
    You don’t need a good camera for this, mobile phone camera and a little bit practice is enough.

  2. Find a painting you like

    As buying art isn’t usually spontaneous job, most likely you already have a favourite artist or artists, maybe you have that one painting chosen already.
    Copy your painting from the website (right-click on the painting and Save As.. point to location that you can remember)

  3. Print out both photos

    Your room photo can be printed on a4 page taking up the whole page.
    You want to print out artwork smaller, preferably in scale if you can. (You can scale any image in your printer dialog box – use the same values for width and height for Scale and smaller than 1, you will have to try it out, in the preview you can see how it relates to a4 page)

  4. Cut out the painting from the print

    Just use scissors. Tip: Leave out couple of millimeters of the clear page so it acts like a frame or mounting.

  5. Try it on

    It isn’t going to be in perspective of course, but you can see how it will fill in the space and check if the colours would match.


Of course there are other ways, digital, you can use an app (unfortunately there is no free ones) of create a mockup on Photoshop. But I don’t think it is worth learning how to do it just to see the painting in your living room.
If you are interested in any of my paintings, contact me and I will do the mockup for you!

2017 art painting watercolor beach ballymoney by Kate Kos - Forever Young

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