Why do I paint flowers?

Feb 3, 2017news2 comments

Why I do paint flowers?

This is a question I got asked good few times and recently I even asked myself:

Why do I love flowers? Why do I love painting them?

My adventure with flowers and plants has started when I was a kid. My mum loved her garden and house was filled with plants in pots. I got encouraged by mum and by the time I was leaving for collage my bedroom looked like a jungle! It was really hard to move in to hostel with no plants, but as I love contact with nature I have replaced that with everyday walks to the park. Coming to summer I would find the wildest little meadow and lie on grass watching the sky.
When I moved to Ireland I started working in a plant nursery, and stayed there for nearly 8 years. That is where I’ve got to love all the plants in bloom.
They just give so much, they demand your attention. And even when I know it was meant for insects to secure their survival it is still hard to stop thinking that they are flowering just for me, to thank you for watering and caring for them.
When painting floral watercolor I try to show you what I see, why I do love these blooms, show how they look in buds, fully open and nearly gone. Show the rythm of leaves and steams. The freedom they have and the desire to turn towards the sun. And when it works I get to make the word more beautiful! And someones wall more colorful. And possibly some keen gardener smile when waiting for the spring!

Flowers of the Wind

The painting above is called ‘Flowers of the Wind’ and is part of my upcoming exhibition in Pigyard Gallery, Wexford.



  1. Carol Coleman

    I moved away from floral painting for a long time , thinking it was too cliche. Suddenly I find myself once again turning to flowers. I’ve been adding little flora
    Touches to all my paintings without giving it much thought. Recently I want to make flowers the focal point. They make me happy. I love your work and your article.

    • Kate Kos

      Hi Carol,
      We need to give ourselves permission to simply paint what we like, wheather it is considered cliche or not. I believe that only when I follow what really interests me my art is honest and becomes more and more beautiful. Yes I do love flowers and I am a colour junkie, I love sunsets and surises and always look for the most obvious place to paint. And I appreciate subtle, intricate, muted and understated art too – it just isn’t me. Thanks for your comment, you made my day and I hope you will enjoy adding more colour and flowers to the world!


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