2018 Recap

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So a few days late but the time has come to say goodbye to the year that was 2018. How does one measure or assess a year? We all have our own ways whether it be checking bank balances or even counting any extra lines on your brow! But for me it’s what I’ve achieved, have I moved forward in my never ending journey to be a successful artist.
And I have to say I think 2018 had more ups than downs.
I expanded my audience by exhibiting in my home country of Poland as well as America and Italy. And nationally Bunclody, Dungarvan and Wexford. I won a few awards along the way. First in the Puck exhibition and a first in a portrait competition (Kathleen Browne Festival in Bridgetown). Not a first in Art in The Open but still a great honor to get a bronze at
 my favorite festival! Speaking of art festivals, I also gave a few workshops this year which were  so rewarding (one in Dublin Plein Air Painting Festival and 3 to art groups), on that note I’ve been asked to give one this year at Art In The Open 2019!!
2018 was also my busiest year to date for trade shows seeing as I did three (Love Your Home, Bloom, ArtSource).

I was also spreading my love for watercolours to new students in summer paint along classes in Kilmurry Nursery and watercolour courses.

Lastly but definitely not leastly 2018 was the year I opened my own studio. A long time coming but like many great ideas, now that I’m there I’m thinking why didn’t I do this sooner! I’m delighted to have finally opened not least for the reason it’s teaching me how to switch off, shut the door and just enjoy my life a little bit more and not be on 24/7.

And that’s my 2018, I’ve probably forgotten something but overall not a bad year, and here’s hoping 2019 is every bit as good!

And to all my fans/patrons, supporters, friends and your families let’s have a great new year!


'Tomorrows II'

watercolor 57x42cm

My favorite plein air paintings of 2018:

'Purple & Gold'

watercolor 54x34cm

'Bare Bottoms'

watercolor 54x34cm

'WAter Lillies'

watercolor 57x42cm

My favorite studio paintings of 2018:


atercolor 54x34cm

'Time To Bloom'

acrylic 150x100cm

'What We Leave BEhind'

acrylic 60x60cm

2017 art painting watercolor beach ballymoney by Kate Kos - Forever Young

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